She’s 16 or 17 with one pair of shoes, cardboard suitcase, leaving everybody in her life to enter the MGM University. They teach her to walk, talk, sit, sleep, shave her legs, shake hands, kiss, smile, eat, pray. Her ass is great, fine tits, short; but good legs, great shoulders, thin hips, fix the toes, do the hair-clean it, but don’t touch the face. Everybody and every camera is drawn to that face. That town is jammed with pretty, but not like that- the eyes, the mouth, are from another world. She becomes the “armpiece du jour,” learns what they want. Learns how to do it without giving her soul away, and learns everything but how to act. In her whole shitkicking, barefoot life she never really learned how to pretend, nor did poverty give her much humor, certainly none about herself, so she went to work on the men-Lancaster, Gable, Huston, Douglas, Hughes, and the “suits” that needed her. And so she went to her last and most important school, The U. of Sinatra. In essence, by fucking, fighting, and forgetting with him she inhaled the gangster outlook of the world. Take what you want. They only understand tough. And all her days became nights.  -Greg Morrison


December 24th, 1922 - January 25th, 1990 

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Bob Hope presents actress Ava Gardner with Look Magazine’s most promising star award, 1947.

Ava Gardner in Dirk Bogarde’s home movies.

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Ava Gardner, 1940s.

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Happy Anniversary to one of the most iconic couples of the 20th century, Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner. {November 7th 1951}